ICMR Fast Track Funding Opportunities For COVID-19 Research

CMR Fast Track Funding Opportunities For COVID-19 Research

ICMR Fast Track Funding Opportunities For COVID-19 Research. COVID-19 Research. ICMR Fast Tracking Funds For COVID-19 Research. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

Focus areas:

  • Cell based approaches for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 and associated disease sequelae
  • Biologics or small molecule based modulation of immune system for therapy or preventionBackground: The entire world today is facing the greatest pandemic in a century caused by a novel coronavirus, Sars-CoV2 which has caused the disease COVID19. The disease originated in China and spread worldwide, including India. The disease is characterised, in its most severe form, by acute immune responses that appear to render the patient susceptible to cytokine release syndrome and acute respiratory distress. However, there appears to be vast differences between patients that succumb to the disease and those who remain asymptomatic, further suggesting the key role that the host immune defence
    systems play. As the disease counts rise in India, it is of utmost importance that we understand thedynamics of the disease process better, identify at-risk population, develop alternate immunomodulatory agents that could be helpful in treating severe forms.
  • Novel diagnostic approaches for patient stratification and risk assessment for severity of sequelae.
  • Immunogenetics and molecular epidemiology based population studies on COVID-19
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